Electrical network inspection with innovative vehicles

Visual network monitoring with artificial intelligence.

Maintaining a reliable electricity flow through complex overhead networks is no easy feat. Harsh weather conditions and aging infrastructure pose constant challenges, demanding significant time and resources from your dedicated human workforce.

Our innovative technology streamlines your operations and supports risk-based maintenance strategies.
It empowers you with:

  • Automated visual inspection: Identify network faults and malfunctions efficiently, significantly reducing the cost of visual inspections by up to 80%.
  • Data-driven insights: Gain valuable insights to prioritize maintenance efforts, optimize resource allocation, and proactively address potential issues before they disrupt your operations.

Focus on what matters most – delivering reliable power. Partner with us and experience a transformed approach to network maintenance, freeing up your valuable resources and ensuring the consistent, uninterrupted flow of electricity for your customers.

Inspection of objects located in the immediate vicinity of the road network

  • We can collect data with any sensor system that can be installed on the vehicle. (photo, Lidar)
  • Data can be collected at a speed of approximately 40-70 km.
  • Fully automated onboard system.
  • Full compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Machine vision support.

Fully automated technical processes

  1. We enter the objects and their exact location into the car’s on-board system.
  2. We plan the automated data collection based on the customer’s topological data (GIS). (HAWK CORE)
  3. At the same time as data collection, data processing and data evaluation are done by machine vision.
  4. The processed data (error dictionary-GIS mapping) are uploaded to the central system. (HAWK GRID platform).
  5. Object-level error and attribute list generation and, where applicable, integration (SAP, ERP, GIS, etc.)

1 USD / pole / year

What is included?

HAWK System platform integration into the customer’s environment
GIS with map display, integration, reporting
Full scale SUPPORT – with remote access
Unlimited data collection and AI detection
Object detector
Customer -specific error dictionary

What is not included?

The hardware cost of the car’s on-board camera system

The price of the camera system is depending on the number of sensors.

Data collection must be done by the customer

Any car is suitable (also electric), there are no special prerequisites.

Cost of data collection

Ask for our offer. The cost of data collection depends on the method of data collection.

how does is work?

The process

1. Delivering the camera

After you ordered our service, we deliver the camera set to your location via DHL – our strategic delivery partner.

2. The camera set

You get the camera set in a safety suitcase. You can simply install the camera directly on your car.

3. Start recording

You can start recording in your location, the data will automatically be uploaded and integrated into your HawkGrid system.

other products

More products

Our other solutions that might be interesting for you.

Drone detection

Electrical network inspection from the air with drone camera detection. AI supported automated flight paths and data capture.


Satellite imagery combined with AI enables you to accurately identify vegetation risks and impacts at any spot, any time.

Railway Systems

The Rail Hawk System can detect the status of objects in the railway track environment and give signals if an object needs to be repaired.