Vegetation monitoring system

A significant part of the failures in the overhead power line network of power plants can be attributed to the vegetation proliferating along the trails.

Reduce Vegetation Management Costs with HAWK System Platform:

Challenge: A significant portion of maintenance costs is consumed by clearing vegetation and managing safety zones around power lines. This process demands efficient and controlled management.

Solution: The HAWK System Platform empowers you to:

  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Import your company’s master data to plan and manage vegetation control activities effectively.
  • Leverage Real-Time Data: Gain real-time insights from satellite imaging, the most cost-effective way to monitor extensive areas around your network.
  • Proactive Management: Identify potential vegetation issues before they escalate, enabling timely interventions and reduced maintenance costs.

HAWK System Platform: Your partner for efficient and cost-effective vegetation management in power line safety zones.

Area of application medium and high voltage networks

Vegetation Zone Determination

Vegetation zone determination is performed according to the client’s requirements. The process consists of two main steps:

1. Data Input:

  • Providing the exact location and route of the cables.
  • Configuring the height and safety zone distances based on the client’s specifications.

2. Visualization:

  • Presenting the vegetation zones within the HAWK GRID mapping system.
  • Placing switchable layers on the cable route.
  • Applying appropriate color coding based on the safety zones and heights.

Color Coding:

  • Red: Critical distance, requiring immediate intervention.
  • Yellow: Vegetation growth rate (delta) approaching the critical level.
  • Green: Everything is in order.

The HAWK GRID mapping system offers a comprehensive overview of the vegetation zones. The color-coded layers enable quick and easy identification of areas that require attention. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Planning phase

Work assignment, task completion report

Keeping safety zones clean . On-site recording of simple documentation form data with targeted task packs. Precise documentation. Photographic validation, Responsible work performance. Fast, Precise, Accurate.

A significant proportion of the failures in the overhead power line network are related to vegetation along the lines. A significant part of maintenance costs is related to the clearance of the safety zone of the lines and vegetation management works, therefore it is important that these are managed in a controlled and efficient way in terms of asset management objectives.

Data-driven Work Management

Work management can be implemented by providing environmental data as part of the corporate system or by importing corporate master data as an independent IT system.

Data Collection

Satellite vegetation inventory


Map-based planning


Map-based administration

Checking data

Satellite vegetation inventory

Impact assessment

Map-based analysis

Data Collection

Satellite vegetation inventory


Map-based planning


Map-based administration

Checking data

Satellite vegetation inventory

Impact assessment

Map-based analysis

Provision of information on analysed data

In network management, vegetation and vegetation management of safety zones can be developed guided by real environmental information. Based on the location and quantity data, maintenance cost management is IT-controlled, consistent and more efficient.

The monitoring database is a basic element of data-driven work management.

  • Vector Map GIS
  • 1m field resolution
  • suitable for area calculation
  • objective
  • homogene
  • integrated network master data

Basic information for work planning and implementation.

The most cost-effective way to establish large-scale environmental monitoring networks is to use data from satellite imagery.

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Selection of pilot area (approx. 50 km continuous network)


Handover of electrical network topology


Analysis of satellite images in the affected sectors


Connecting the analysis to topology


Display on dashboard interface


Evaluation together with customer


Order – if the customer so decides

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You can find our car mounted low-voltage vegetation management system here:

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